Inter-Row Cultivator Badalini SH/ MAIA with springs

Make: Badalini
Model: SH/ MAIA

Badalini inter-row cultivators allow to eliminate the use of herbicides, to perform a fast and perfect weeding and to fertilize with precision the crops. All of this happens in only one trail, removing repeated and expensive operations. SH/ are modular and sectional machines, proper for every type of cultivation in rows. They are particularly suitable for difficult and grassy soils.
The particular pressure spring keeps the machine on the soil and allows the penetration without problems, even in hard situations. The regulation of the working depth is incredibly easy, because it is done by handle, while the real measure is shown by a particular indicator which allows the micrometric sight of the working depth. All our models have also indipendent parallelograms, and every single articulated joint is bushed with double bushing in nylon and hard metal bushing. Moreover a lubricator with chamber and reserve is mounted on every joint.
Our inter-row cultivators are high enough to allow to work two times in maize or they can enter in high cultivations like roses and artichokes. Thanks to their strongness and versatility, SH/ can weed, ridge and fertilize on every type of soil, on any crop with rows from 300 to 1000 mm and with speed from 5 to 12 km/h, with consistent reduction of working costs.
Because these machines are very strong and resistant it is posible to produce very long models and warrant no breakage; moreover the hydraulic folding frame allows to make road closing machines.

Standard equipment for SH/ MAIA:
EC safety guards;
Vibrant tine on every working unit;
Duckfoot sweeps;
Protections with ribs;
Wheels with double bearings and dust cover;
Wheels with handle on each weeding unit;
Clearance under the frame mm 750;
Parallelogram with adjustable pressure spring;
Parallelogram with 4 lubricators and hard metal bushings.

Optional on request:
Couple of wheels on frame;
Protection discs;
Manual or hydraulic steering unit;
Ridging units;
Fertilizer distributor with different capacities;
Folding frame for road transport.