Seeding machine SMS SMART

Make: SMS
Model: SMART
Working Width: 3 m
Distance Between Rows: 125 mm
Operating Speed: 8-15 km/val.

The Smart 300 is universal seeding machine with 3m working width. The machine is primarily designated for permanent grassland foundation or recultivation, but it can be fully used in field conditions for seeding grain and majority of common crops. A seed is delivered directly into the ground by disc seeding unit and stabilized by roller afterwards. The seed drill machine SMART is highly universal equipment especially for smaller farmers. 

Standard machine version includes:

  • 200 liters seeding unit with hydraulically driven fan
  • Control box 1.2
  • Smooth cylinder (water fillable) with 510 mm diameter and 12mm thickness equipped with scraper
  • Hinge cat. III/2
  • Two rows of seeding units with distance 125 mm between each unit
  • Inter-row distance 125mm