Screw Press Separators SP 400 - SP 800

Make: EYS
Model: SP 400 - SP 800
Weight : 300 - 780 kg
Power kW: 2,2 kW - 11 kW

EYS screw press separator is designed to mechanically separate solids and liquid portions of fiberous materials. These can be waste products such as animal manure, paper pulp, spent grain, etc., which still have potential economic value if processed further properly. EYS Separator offers a solution to turn these by-products into valuable and marketable products that can generate additional economic value for its customers.
Following are some example applications of EYS separators:
Composting / Organic Fertilizer - one of the most common uses of EYS screw presses is as manure separator. Dewatering of manure prevents environmental concerns and provides a cleaner farm environment.
It reduces your storage volume, and allows the solid and liquid fractions to be reclaimed as organic fertilizer. Please see our Composting page for more details on EYS composting technologies.
Pulp & Paper - certain steps in many paper processing operations generate large volumes of liquid discharge that still contain a sizeable amount of paper in it.
EYS separators are used to reclaim and gain this paper fraction back to the process that would otherwise be wasted.
Breweries (Spent Grain) – Spent grain generated at breweries and alcohol plants represent high economic value as animal feed or a composting material.
Dewatering it with EYS separator makes transportation easier and allows it to be kept fresh for a longer period.
Meat Processing Plants - Another common application is dewatering of pouch/stomach contents at slaughterhouses or meat processing plants.
Reduce odor, minimize attraction of flies and rodents, and achieve a cleaner environment in your plant.