Submersible Manure Pumps EYS

Make: EYS
Model: GP - 55/75/110; GP - 30/40
Power kW: 5,5-11 kW; 3-4 KW

Submersible manure pumps have the toughest job around the farm. Knowing this, we build our submersible pumps at EYS to withstand the most difficult conditions so that you can always count on your EYS submersible pump to get the job done. Whether it is digestate or fresh manure with lots of straw, we have the best pump to easily handle your material.
  • - Built-in rotary and fixed blades
  •  Double mechanical seal design
  •  Liquid leakage and thermal sensors for maximum protection
  •  IP68 protection class
  •  Various platform options for every application