Bedding Composters

Make: EYS

EYS’s in-vessel composters offer state-of-the-art composting technology to produce excellent quality compost and/or bedding material.
BC Series “Bedding Composters” TM do NOT require any external heat or energy source to operate. Instead, the own fermentation process of the separated solids generate the heat inside the drum. The entire system requires an insignificant amount of electrical power to operate.
The temperatures reached inside the vessel as a result of the aerobic fermentation eliminate the mastitis causing bacteria, as well as the weed seeds. You produce excellent quality bedding material within 24hours, and agricultural compost within 48-72 hours.
The aerobic bacteria that already exist in manure solids do the actual work; we only provide the necessary environment for them to populate faster and to speed up the fermentation process.
EYS “Bedding Composters” TM already include the Heavy-Duty model EYS screw press in it, and the entire system is driven by an intuitive, touch-screen PLC control panel. You can change operation parameters as needed and monitor the log of temperatures reached within the drum for a past number of days.