Sand spreaders SAMI SLS, SL, SLH (selfloading)

Make: Sami
Model: SLS, SL, SLH
Working Width: 1 m - 2,35 m
Suspension type: Suspended
Capacity: 200 l - 1680 l

Self loading (built as a bucket) sand spreaders SL 1500, SL 2000, SL 2300 are powered by hydraulic motor. SL can be used for spreading sand, salt, grit etc. The sand is distributes with a feeding roll. Spreading amount is determined by the speed of roll, which is regulated by the hydraulic flow regulator. The sand spreader can be mounted in front or back of a tractor, or on the frontloader of smaller wheel loaders. When spreader mounted in the 3-point attachment on a tractor - the hydraulic top-link for self loading is necessary (not standard equipment).