Timber Grapple Oniar G16

ID number: 1692
Make: Oniar
Model: G16
Weight : 70 kg

The timber grapple is an everyday working partner for foresters to get big as well as small trees out of forest. The grapple is mechanically simple and very strong. It's working solution is designed to be universal, making it able to use the timber grapple for trees as well as for branches.

The grapple is suitable for different size of tractors. It's hoses can be connected easily to tractor's valves to operate the grapple.

The grapple connection with tractor is designed in standard, using the 3 point fixing system. In addition it is possible to connect the grapple to tractor front loader fixing system.


- grapple area – 0,16 m2
- max opening – 1223 mm
- min opening – 88 mm
- rotator mount – 49 mm